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Friday, 28 November 2014

My legs woke me

Have you ever woken up because your hand or arm is numb. Often because you or someone next to you is sleeping on it, and its feels a little dead. That’s happened to me a bunch of times in my life, a simple fix, reposition and go back to bed.

I’ve now been up since 4am with throbbing aching legs. I have a feeling its going to be the final part of Abby Cadabby. I reckon once my legs stop hurting I’ll be better. At least that’s the plan. I took an anti inflammatory and it’s working now. Now I’m just awake with frustration. I wish I could change the leg pain to arm pain or some other body part, but no my legs! I love my legs, I always have. I love them for many, many reasons.

If I were a poet I would write a poem called Ode to my legs. Seeing I’m not I’ll just tell you why I’m a fan of the ol’pins. This is no specific order. They have been good to me, I love walking more than anything and well they are the essential tool, they look good in dresses, shorts, skirts, you get the drift.

Also when I think about the way they feel right now it makes me sad and brings me back to the Camino days.

Currently if I go out and walk more than I should I really suffer the next day, the difficult thing is measuring how much is too much and then balancing that with getting fresh air. Fresh air is the biggest reason I go out. Earlier today, I walked home from the post office and then went to the grocery store. Nothing spectacular, but it must have been too much.

As mentioned in this blog many times before, my last day of the Camino I walked a marathon. 26 miles about 42km. My legs were steel, they were sooooo strong! I so look forward to the day when I’m back on the Camino walking again.

What else, I’m going home in 6 sleeps! Lots of mixed feelings. As mentioned also in this blog I’ve never been home sick confused like I have this year after living away for almost 14 years. When I get back to MTL I would have loved to rediscover the city. I know that this won’t be possible this time, but maybe another time.

I’m going home to rest and get better. I have a plan too! I’m going to sit on my dads couch, drink tea, and watch all of The Wonder Years. I am so excited about this box set being released. Either the family will get it for me for xmas or I’ll get it for me. The other plan is to walk to the St. Lawrence River daily. My dad’s house is 2 blocks away from the river and if you were to add an extra story to our house you could even see the river from where we live. (I know I sound like I still live there) Normally a river would be frozen in December but it’s the rapids, ever flowing, moving and constant. (Providing we as the earths inhabitants’ take better care of our environment)