Saturday, 29 May 2021

The Covid Diaries - Day 445

So! Conscious eating 🍽 is starting now! If it’s healthy I’ll eat it. If it’s not, and I’m lazy, I’ll make a huel.

Today’s weight is 

147 pounds

10.5 stones

66.7 kg

So my comfort eating started as soon as I left recruitment and joined the CC department where I was heavily bullied. Then Covid happened. So that’s 20 pounds of weight that is getting me soooo down! Now that it’s getting warmer it’s time! 

No more feeling sorry for myself.

I’m writing this from the sauna, I’m going to make sure to use this puppy every day. It’s cost an arm abs a leg and it’s so good for my health so win win! To up my sauna game I’m also going to remember to take a binder before, dry body brush, and use the mini trampoline. Let me briefly explain but doctor Google will also help. 

When you’re in a far infrared sauna your core body temperature increases thus making you sweat. You’ll sweat out toxins, so taking a binder before is safer way of binding the toxins. This way, the toxins can also come out in your 💩. Dry body brushing is good for your lymphatic system and skin. Lastly, rebounding (using a mini trampoline) gets your lymphs moving. 

What else! For the first time since living in this house. I think I’m ready to go. Scratch that. I am ready to go. I’ll elaborate. I was going to remortgage, take some money out and either do a kitchen extension, or a double story extension. I had 2 whopping quotes done yesterday by 2 decent companies.

The spanner is, why do I want a newer bigger house? Will it make me happy, do I need the space, is it for resale value. To be honest, all of that would be cool but this is not my forever home. 

I don’t want to hear the neighbours anymore, there is nothing that keeps me here. My day dreaming is dangerous too. Im always dreaming of other things and not living in the now, the present. 

Don’t get me wrong. I'm not one of those people that live in dream land. I just like visiting it a lot. 

I’m less than 2 weeks away from completing my foundation degree. It’s been a long long slog. The last 4 years have been touch and go when it comes to my education. Working full time, managing  my health, my home, my family etc. 

Once I’ve finished this up. I need to have a real think and decide if I want to start a level 6 top up degree in September 2021. I’ve already have a conditional acceptance providing I get through the next 2 weeks. 

My housemate has been away now for over 3 weeks, by the time he has returned for seeing family and using his annual leave, it will be a month. 

It’s been a great month so far. He’s a nice guy but this pandemic has taken its toll on him. He’s deeply unhappy, doesn’t communicate and his moody. I’m not is partner, girlfriend, or lover. I would even say we are friends anymore. I’m just his landlady. It’s a miserable place to be.

My trusty reader - yes that just 2 of you. Are aware that I’m very when it comes to male mental health. I’m not in the worried stage for his mental health. I’m just passively observing. 

Here is a huge observation that’s been cemented since living like this. As a species of the human race, we NEED PEOPLE. We need to talk to our friends, hang out, joke around etc. Being a friendly guy but but not having a deep connection or the ability to confine to a friend is not good enough.

The next time I'm write I'm going to tell you about Bumbe. I finally gave in and tried to do this online dating malarkey.

Here is a great quote that sums up why I'm single. 

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