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Friday, 30 March 2012

Aren't we all strangers

So every once in a while I'm so pleasantly surprised by strangers. This can be like minded thinkers or someone off the street who has decided to do something nice for a stranger.

Last night I was watching BBC question time while tweeting and waiting for the following show called the week. Camilla Batmangaligh was on the show discussing the report published last week about the London riots. Some how or another I ended up having a twitter conversation with a person who has like minded views and also wants to volunteer at her charity called Kids Company. Yeah for people that want to volunteer. Even if they don't do it immediately it stems from the want. I knew I wanted to volunteer for Radio Lollipop and 4 years later I did. I'm going on my 3rd year now and loving it.

I wish I could tell you all about the kids but obviously I cant. All I will say is kids are kids and they are just as funny when they are sick vs healthy. There are so many studies out there that explain that play and distraction can alleviate pain. It's true, I see it weekly!

Now for the next pleasant surprise this morning. I had just gotten off of the bus and heading to the tube station when I clumsily dropped my iPhone. It bounced and ended up under a car that had stopped at the red light. The driver rolled down her window and I explained that I dropped my phone under that car but that I would wait until all the cars left. Then suddenly out of now where batman arrived. No really it was just a sweet teenage boy who jumped onto his front and slid under the car and got my phone in a second. I was in shock and just said "Oh my god!" making sure that the driver wasn't going to drive away. It literally took him a second and he handed it back to me an said 'here you go Madame'. The whole thing happened so quickly that all I managed to say before he jetted on his merry way was 'thank you so much'. I hope he heard me and I hope somewhere deep inside that I'm wishing him well and that he made my day!