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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

What's going on out there?

Music makes my world go round. I've said this many times before. I'll try and recap what's been going on. While in Amsterdam I was out of the loop with news.

On Monday morning I wake up to see that Chris Cornell (sound garden) 52 had died on Thursday. It was an RIP Instagram post. Immediately my head just jumps to the fact that it was probably suicide. 52 is young. (Most of you know that I've lost a good few men / friends to suicide.) It's the biggest killer of men under the age of 45. Unfortunately after reading the Rolling Stones article I got even more upset to hear that Ativan played a major part in his death. I also know someone else who also attempted to end their life while taking Ativan.

These Big Pharma companies make me sick. The system is so corrupt, these companies have the money to pay the lobbyists and pretty much have a political say. It's not as bad in the UK as the US but it's still happening. 

It's the same thing with Veganism when it comes to the big dairy and cattle industries. They are all in bed with one another. Go watch #whatthehealth

And how about this, 2 nights before I had a deep and meaningful conversation with someone about mental health and we discussed our individual experiences with loved ones who took their own life. 

I went to bed with a heavy heart. Just thinking about Chris, his wife and the children he left behind.

Then comes this morning, I wake to find out what's happened in Manchester. Again more deep sadness. Why is there such evil