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Monday, 21 January 2013

Driving tips for Londoners

Right! So this entry is absolutely necessary for those who are in experienced driving in the snow, ice or slush. Aka most Londoners

The rules according to moi:

1. Clear your car of snow! That means all the snow, not just tiny patches around the windows. This includes the roof of the car. When driving at fast speeds the snow on the roof either ends up on someone else's windshield or often on the rear glass of your own car.

2. Switch on the lights at all times in the winter. It makes it easier for others to see you.

3 When having to break. Pump your breaks. Pump pump pump! Don't slam the breaks. You'll soon be surprised where you end up.

4. Most cars these days have ABS. Read up on it and use this in your favour.

5. When starting a new journey. Start your car first ( make sure it's in a safe gear) while you shovel a path for your car to get out. Yes! You heard me correctly.... Shovel a path out.

6. Don't be an idiot and flood your car with gas when it's not moving. The reason it's not moving is because its stuck dumbass!

7. When driving and if you loose control don't for the love of god over correct yourself. You'll end up in a ditch killing yourself or someone else. Stay calm, breath, and steer along slowly towards the original direction but don't suddenly think you are batman and you can get out of this situation as quick as you entered it.

Happy driving folks.
When ever in doubt. Ask moi...