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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

It's going... Mostly well

This entry is for Adam... Who was waiting to be named dropped :-)

So folks it's been a few days now since I wrote last. 

Most days and moments are not too bad. Some are even very good. 

Today's had been interesting. I'm now entering the stage of anger when it comes to grief. All I want to do is kick some ass or tell people where to go. On a twisted positive note, the deep sadness is going although of course there will be a part that that will always stay. 

A colleague really annoyed me and man did I want to tell them where to go. But I didn't because I'm better than them. Some people have nothing better to do with their life than to sweat the small stuff. I actually just feel sorry for this person, however they made a bad decision today. I've cut my ties.

What else, I've been so lucky with all the people that have been texting and emailing me. I shouldn't use this blog to brag constantly but I can't help myself. 

The smaller the gesture the bigger it is for me. 

Here is some of the greatness I've encountered. Texts, emails, hugs, lunch time walks, walks to the vending machine. 

I think there are moments where I look like I'm lost. Today a colleague who doesn't know me, or anything that is going on with me, came up to me and asked if I need a hand. (I've only been in my new role for about a month) I immediately told her, "Thank you, but now I'm going to cry." Then I did for about 2 seconds. Poor girl, I'm sure she wasn't expecting that! Oops

Kindness is such a funny thing. 

An hour later I receive an email from a work friend. The first line had me going again! He wrote, 'I wish there was more I can do for you'. My reply to him and all the others, is they have done so much for me as it is and I'm so very, very grateful. 

This morning I was thinking of a new-ish friend who I haven't seen or spoken to in a while. She is mom with a 2 year old and very busy. 
Low and behold I get a text from her inviting me to her sons birthday party on Sunday. She wrote, there will be lots of nice food and nice people! I'm in! I can't wait, I'm sure I'll report back.

Well that's about it for now. I love you all xx