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Saturday, 25 February 2017

The universe

I'm so sleepy so this will be quick but I want to say a few things. 

It's might have taken me my entire life to really whole heartedly start practicing what I preach. BUT I'm doing it! I'm doing it a lot, I'm doing it constantly.

This doing is just being grateful! And the more grateful I am, the happier I am. And the happier I am, the people around me are happy to.   The more I give, the more I get back. 

Here is a snippet of this week. 

A colleague came to me at my desk and said that she could feel the positive energy coming from me and my desk. WOW! Other than the normal things, I had some blueberry and raspberries on it. 2 crystals,  amethyst and calcite. And a bottle of dōTERRA essential oil that I'm using on a spot. (When will I stop getting spots!). I didn't even know how to answer her, I just told her that being a vegan is the way to go and that that crystals are fun. Maybe I could have come up with a better answer but it was all I could think of. 

Normally I don't get stopped to much by strangers although I don't mind at all. I often just stop and help tourists when they look lost. Well I was almost at work when a young girl (18ish) stopped me for directions. She was looking for the local disability Center. She had a printed map and her iPhone but was struggling. As I was talking to her I could tell that she had a disability herself. (Learning disability possibly) she asked me if I was walking in that direction. I soooo wanted to take her there myself but i didn't. I can't fix the world, and I did need to go to work. I did the next best thing. I encouraged her, that might have been all she needed. I pointed her in the right direction and gave her instructions to go to a landmark as then ask again as people will help her. Me just telling this stranger what to do actually helped her. She thanked me and I told her, 'you can do it, you'll be fine!'

Today's been fun. 

Background. I don't spend a lot of time with females. I am a girl and have very good friends that are girls, however they are all busy and just text. (Boring)

I live with 2 guys and spend most of my work life either talking to guys or going to lunch with my guy friends / colleagues.

I actually miss girls! I didn't think I would ever say that but it's true. (Went to an all girls school) Girls do have the ability to be bitchy but they also tell it to you strait. Girls are also great at complimenting each other.

I started my day having hair ripped out of me. Also known as visiting the waxing lady. I've known her now for more than a decade. She really messed me about last week with changing the appointment times etc and cancelling. I could have confronted her, or I could just leave it. Sometimes leaving it, is actually better. We had a good chat about other things. She's the age of my mother but has always asked me for advice. I told her straight, she needs to love herself more. Love is the answer to everything. 

Back to the Universe part. Just this week I binned an old bra. I hate throwing away old bras. They are so comfortable, but when there is no real point in even wearing the bra. It's a sign that it must be replaced.

I walk into Victoria Secret to find a lovely notice saying. £10 off all bra's today! #thankyouuniverse

The lady was so nice and we were admiring my beautiful breasts. Not in a lesbian kind of way but in a cool girl way. I'm just chatting away telling her that I love my breasts and calling them my bad boys. (Yes I know I'm nutty) by the time I left, she too was calling my boobs bad boys! Well! I was telling her that I've lost so much weight since I've become a vegan 110%! That's why I need new bras. She was telling me how she's gained and I've told her to give veganism a shot. I was also telling her how much happier I feel too. Anyhow! I'm amazed with what size my new bra's are? 
Go on, guess? 
What the hell! 
How did that happen. I mean, I have had these pups for a while, but I suppose I thought some of my breasts were fat or food. Who knows. I've lost weight in other parts of my body but not my breasts. Again! Lucky girl, #thankyouuniverse

Then I get a call from my cousin's wife offering me a free ticket to join her to see Shakespeare's Love Labour Lost. Why the hell not! It's been ages since I've seen a play. Shakespeare English does throw me off at times but I got the jist of it. 

Prior to meeting her I grabbed a quick vegan burrito and fancied a chocolate brownie. I turned around, and not only did I find a vegan brownie (I wouldn't have bought it otherwise) it was also gluten free. #thankyouuniverse
Whole foods also had Karma Cola. I've pretty much weened myself off of Coke Cola but I do miss it. Karma Cola is fair trade and all of the ingredients are readable. (We shouldn't eat foods if we can't pronounce the ingredients, nor know what's in it)

Back to my cousin's wife D. In august her husband T, died after drinking himself to death. It's been hard and I took the week off to sort out his funeral. (Much too much to explain). The nice thing today was seeing her doing so well. She misses him, but is also embracing her time here on earth. She's going out and living again. For years she had/chose to take care of him and his addiction. Now she goes to the theatre to see plays! Her new job had brought good people into her life. I'm so happy for her. 

After the play I went to get some bits for A's wedding. 
I'll keep this short. Bought vegan makeup (feel so good about my decisions).
I was served by so many nice people. The nail polish lady wants me to come back and show her pictures! 

Just a nice day and I'm so thankful 

Peace out 
L xx