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Friday, 3 October 2008

This is what happens when I'cant sleep!

It's 1:33 am and I have been up for at least an hour. Its the second night in a row so I thought I might as well really get up! Actually I'm in bed with the laptop but its almost being awake. So tonights thoughts that were keeping me awake were bleeps! Bleeps... yes I'm worried too. I have spent most of my day bleeping or paging people I work with to actually find out if they have a bleep or not. Switchboard are not upto date on whats doing on so it falls in my hands. Its not all that exciting so why am I still awake.

Could be some of the following as well... I need to find a job within the next 3 weeks because my contract is up. I have to pick up my car who has been at the doctors (MOT - garage) for a month!! Had to declare the poor thing SORN while they try to fix him.

Anyhow, will try to get some sleep.. busy weekend going up to Loughborough on saturday, if I get the car back

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