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Friday, 25 November 2016

Oops that took a while

Hello people,

It's been a while a long ol' while.

Well today I finally got some news and it was good.

I'm got a new job whoop whoop! It's only taken 3 whole years! Of could I could have looked externally but there is something about security, long service and a good pension. I'm staying put and will join a new department. Same money too but I'll be happier! I'll do everything in my power to be happier. I promise myself that. I promise you too.

How are you all?

I can tell you I'm ecstatic that 2016 is almost over. I don't want to jump the gun nor do I want some bad shit to happen in the remainder of 2016 but it's been tough. Really tough.

There has been quite a few stories here and there. My goal, my aim and want is to live a live drama free. I do struggle though when shit happens around me or in the world.

Let's rewind a bit. I was seriously messed up when Jo Cox was murdered. Democracy is a beautiful amazing thing. Express yourself that way. Don't go killing people.

When the nightclub shooting happened in Florida I called brat face (the bro - (gay but that shouldn't matter)) crying my eyes out saying 'why do they want to hurt you! Nothing is wrong with you!'

I love my bro and sis and everyone. I just want everyone to stop hurting eachother.

Anyhow. I'll end this very very late entry and say that I hope to do better with blogging. I enjoy sharing my thoughts with you and the ether.

Peace out peeps
Be good to each other.

I've leave you with an amazing entry from a Leonard Cohen interview in the 60's and the song of the year. Or better know as my song of the year.

Leonard Cohen 1967 CBC interview

Interviewer: A lot of your poems have to do with love. Or what do you think about love? Do you have a kind of an impression of what love is? A kind of definition?

Leonard Cohen: Well, I like to be taught. You know, that's I think that's what I want everybody to do, is to teach me about that. You know, I think that when you meet a person, at any moment you want to be taught about love because there's so much evidence to the contrary. We have the word it's in the air you know, but there's so much evidence to the contrary. You look around you look at the lack of generosity. In yourself. You know, the things you are unwilling to concede that the many ways that you can't love. So that, I'm continually looking for someone to tell me about it. And I try to provoke that exchange by perhaps writing a poem that says you know like, "where are you Judy where are you Anne?" You know, tell me.

Show me love.

The final part of this entry is thanks to my boyfriend Shaun W Keaveny on BBC 6 Music. If you haven't already been listening to him you should. He cracks me up and sends good tunes my way.

He introduced me to the house martins and the caravan of love. Beautiful song. Listen and enjoy.

Oh and incase I haven't mentioned already. I'm going to Glastonbury for the 5th consecutive year in a year. I rock and I'm luck as fuck.

Love love love

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