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Sunday, 13 September 2009

September 9th & 13th 2009

Have a look at this youtube video keep in mind that camino clothing is not that flattering LOL

Sept 9th:

Hi All,

So here is my next update.

Today has been interesting as we walked 30km but it was not planned. We arrived in what we thought would be our destination but the Albergue was full so we had to walk back. Luckily it was only 2.5 km so not really a big deal.

Tomorrow I will be in Burgos so I might check into a hotel and have a swim in the tub!

I have met so many people and I don't know where to begin.

Verena ( an Austrian high school teacher) spent the vast majority of my first 10 days with me but sadly she has returned to Austria because she has to go back to school.

I didn't realize how many people actually do parts of the Camino and not necessarily the entire thing in one go!

My Spanish is horrible but my broken french has come in useful and I often speaking in french. There is also an handful of people from Quebec so I often talk to them as well.

I thought would be on my own more but I seem to attract people that want a bit a of chat. (Verena is an exception as we had fantastic chats)

I thinking that my quite time will soon begin in a day or 2 when I am walking in the Mesta, its about 4 days in the flat plains and I been told that many people have there light bulb moments.

All in all this trip has been great and its just a confirmation that you cant control things in life. What ever will be will be. Sometimes shit happens.... and sometimes wonderful things happen. Either way I know that I can and will always be able to handle both!

The first few days were hard for numerous reasons... I have already explained my toe but my heavy bag is another contributing factor.

I left Stanstead with a bag that weighed 11.5 kg and that was not including food and water. After walking up and down the mountain in the rain i decided it was time to part with unnecessary things. I left a compass, socks, a belt, bungee cords to fasten extra things to my bag etc.

That still was not enough so a few days later in Pamplona I sent back 2.5kg

and a few fays after that in Logrono I decided that I needed a new bag and a new sleeping bag. Both items had to be significantly lighter.

I now have a bag that is less that 1 kg and my sleeping bag is 65 g. I have posted the rest on.

Life with a bag that is under 6 kg is a real treat and I am able to get through the day with our being in so much pain.

The food has been ok but i need to be more careful. I had a single calamari and well its safe to say it was a very bad move on my part. Its been 2 days now but hopefully I will be felling better tomorrow. None the less it has not stopped me one bit!

I not sure what else to say other that all is well

speak soon

Sept: 13th

So since the 9th I have had my most difficult days and I was very very very close to returning to the UK.

I caught bedbugs and people were treating me like I was a leper. It was awful but in time people also helped me. I spent the day in Burgos getting everything cleaned at the dry cleaners. the 2 ladies there were so nice, they bought me a hot chocolate and even brought me to the bus stop. I was going to sports store out of town to get a silk liner. Since then I have not had any bites but it was so so horrible. It was worse than all the other physical pain I have gone through. The bugs are gone and I have had 2 nights bite free. I need to get 3 nights free and then i should be in the all clear. I also now have a rep of being the Canadian with bed bugs.

Also some stupid french woman started yelling at me last night for no reason. Its sad how people just take out there problems or issues on innocent bystander's.

Every second here is a learning lesson. I said I was sorry but I should have just told her that she has no right letting it rip. I was a clear case of her having a very very bad day... but its still no excuse

This trip is so strange and great, its difficult to put into words, but everyone you meet has an amazing story. Its like life but so much more intense.

I will be nice to see you all and tell you about it in person.

Although I want to get to Santiago I still don't know if I will, All I can do is take one day at a time and go form there. Guess that another life lesson.

it is, what it is.

And as cervantes said, All in good time

Oh and when I was going to give up yesterday this Irish lady, Imelda told me what her mother dad told her her whole life.

You are, where you are meant to be.

Imelda said that once I accept this everything else in my life will come together. I have always known that everything happens for a reason and I am a lucky person, but now I know that I am where I am meant to be.

Anyhow guess i should get on with it, need to but water for the long haul in the morning

be well and send texts



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