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Saturday, 7 January 2012

2012 and Blogging

Well its pretty safe to say that I'm shite when it comes to blogging but I'm going to give it a better shot this year.

I'm not really sure that recapping the last year is worthy of having any readers so I'm going to skip it. It would be an interesting yet depressing chapter in autobiography - that is, if I decide to write one.

I can tell you that I had a lovely visit to the motherland this Christmas and my mom was able to have her 3 dispersed children under one roof for the first Christmas in 11 years!!! We were together in August 2010 but it was xmas.

No dramas either, pretty smooth trip. If I ever move back though I will have to live in the heart of the city and nowhere else. Suburbia is frighting. SCARY!!!!

Its hard to explain, during the London riots I was asking myself seriously for the first time in my life. "What the fuck are you doing here?". I'm still not certain but I'm just rolling with it, so far so good. Mind you the riots were scary, I didn't go to work for 2 days for fear of not being able to get home if the bus and tube weren't running. These were the few moments when I thought that maybe a big city is not good for me. A few days later, I came to the conclusion that I was just panicking.

Back to the motherland trip. I ended up seeing my 77 club. 3 fantastic people all born in 77. One of the them (male 1st initial Y) I met Y on my flight to London 11 years ago. We spoke for 6 hours and that was the beggining of a great friendship. Every-time I'm home he does his best to entertain me. We hung out a handful of times but it was great how the effort to meet was mutual.

Then there is K who got hitched in May, I was invited to the wedding but sadly couldn't make it. We met for a long breakfast and I ate all her bacon. Nothing beats Canadian bacon... I also learned that pregnant people cant eat bacon. (mental note - no bacon sounds like a form of birth control) K is great and her oven is growing. The bun will be ready in feb 2012. Incase you're wondering K went to my high school but we were a year apart and somehow we started talking once I moved to the UK. I think it was stalkerbook that helped. I still despise stalkerbook but it has its uses.

Lastly there is the lovely L. We grew up a couple of houses away yet we were not friends or enemies. We knew of each other but it was just a friendly nod between 2 families. That is until we ended up in the same program in University. We were both lucky enough to be in the same sound class and Daniel Feist was our teacher. I explain more about him later. Back to L, she's so cool! Years can go by but when we get together its like no time has passed. I really wanted to go to a super cheesy drinking establishment and man did she pick a beauty. It was a place where everyone is called Jean-Guy and I would say its in Poutine Ville. Sorry folks - I cant actually say where it is, I quite enjoyed being one of 2 tables. I wouldn't want it to get busier, I know I'm being selfish. Looks like the inhabitants of Poutine ville don't fancy a pint when its minus 20. L and I discussed her love who was at home with a cold. I've yet to meet him but he's making her so happy and I'm chuffed for them both.

I didn't end up seeing the people I spent so many years with. These are the friends from elementary, high school, cegep and uni and my jobs. ( I had the coolest jobs, McDonals, The Gap, The Bay, and Blockbuster! impressive if I may say so myself. In case you're wondering I now have a grown up job - minus the happy meals) Its just the way the cookie crumbles and they know where I am and how to reach me. I find myself saying this often, "it is what it is".

My first few visits home in the last 11 years were really different. My best friend S, lived there but now she's in Italy, alot easier for me to see. Also I would go and see Daniel. He left Concordia and moved a few times with his family but kept up with his radio show. Luckily on one of my visits he was back in town and I remember hanging out with him in the radio station of Mix 96. Daniel was an amazing man and a brilliant teacher. I still miss him immensely. You can read a little about his battle with cancer here

I better get to bed. I'm failing miserable adjusting to the time difference. I took today off as last minute annual leave and stayed in bed until 4pm. Now I'm still up and its 2 am. So typical of me.

Be good you random readers


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