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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Earthlings has changed me

Wow wow wow!

What can I tell you! I feel really positive and excited. It could just be the aftermath of the New Year or maybe returning from a trip where I’ve been forced to realise that I am loved. Who knows why I feel this way but its great!

So a few moths ago I was considering becoming a vegan. It had to have been almost a year ago when I was watching Alicia Silverstone on Oprah. In the UK, Oprah is months behind and I don’t often get to watch TV in my home. My flatmates are permanent fixtures in the living room. But that day she was talking about her new vegan cookbook. I thought it was interesting and that one day I might give it a shot. My mother is a vegetarian so there were many days in my life where we would go without eating meat. I think I started eating it more once I moved out etc. At this point it was just a book that I one day wanted to buy.

Then as winter was approaching and I was getting into my hibernation mode I thought I better not get too comfortable. I was just about to get the book when I discovered another one called Appetite for Reduction. I know its bad to judge a book by its cover but I loved the take on the Guns and Roses cover so I bought it. The book arrived in Dec 2011 but I knew that it was going to be tricky to be a vegan during Christmas especially knowing it was only a week away.

Since returning from my trip, I‘ve been picking a day to really give this thing a shot. I knew I needed that little extra moral thing to get me on my way. The thought of being healthy should be enough but I know me, I need more. I tweeted the author and asked for a suggestion of a good documentary to get me on my merry way.

That was a few hours ago and although I don’t want to jinx it I think I wont be buying meat, dairy or seafood again ever. I have food in my freezer and I’ll have to decide what to do with it.

This life-changing documentary came out in 2005 and is called Earthlings. It can be viewed in its entirety on http://www.earthlings.com I’m pissed off that I haven’t heard of it before. I’m pretty clued up on most films and documentaries and have seen the rare and obscure ones. Joaquin Phoenix narrates Earthlings and the great soundtrack is by Moby. I have always been a fan of them both so why haven’t I heard of this before. The film has a twitter feed and a facebook one too!

After watching it I had a quick look on YouTube and came across the Ellen Degeners interview where she explains that the doc brought her to veganism. In her interview a book and another film are also mentioned. I love how Ellen says that the other doc Food.Inc is a Disney film compared to Earthlings. Earthlings is very difficult to watch and to mentally digest but as I’m sitting here typing at 1am I’m asking myself if I’m hungry (yes I’m always hungry!) but no party of me desires meat. I think I could even have a cuppa with no milk!

The book is called SkinnyBitch and might also be on my future purchase list.

I can’t wait really. I’m not at all over weight but I would love to loose some and feel healthier.

I feel like suck a twat discussing my love for bacon in yesterday’s blog. Oh well it’s another day right? RIGHT!




Anonymous said...

You go girl!

All the more meat for us!

Tim, Lulu, Rosie, Harry and Murphy.

Light in the Darkness said...

hurray for your blog :)