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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Moral obligations - drinking & driving

I wanted to blog last night but my time management can be shocking.

So I was at the 24 grocery store last night at 22:40 when the couple behind me were so drunk, loud and still buying more alcohol.

I was livid as this grocery has a hugh car park and the likely hood they were using public transportation was slim.

As I walked out of the store with my flat mate ( all he wanted was to go home at this point) I asked the security guard what do they do when they have a customer who is clearly inebriated yet now purchasing more alcohol and is intending to drive.

He replied that they won't serve them and then carried on with. 'Oh is it that couple, I've already refused them. 'I can be cocky as hell when I'm pissed off so I replied 'Oh, we'll there buying more now and pointed towards the tills further along'. He was about to dash and I said I hope to god that they are not driving.

Of course once I'm in the car in the parking lot (Canadian English brain: car park vs parking lot!) I have my eyes peeled on the exit.

Guess what, not only did the fuckers park in the disabled spot near the exit they got into thier fucking car!

I wasn't having it! I wish I was a big scary hairy bloke who knocked on thier window and delayed them till the cops came.

Sadly though, I just don't have those balls (and yes readers- no balls! I'm a girl) I called 999 and gave the description of the car and licence plate. You can get a ticket for being on the phone and driving so I actually parked for this call and wasn't able to follow them etc. Who knows what the Met police will do but I feel I did my part although is feels very insignificant.

Too many people die in the name of stupidity and I'm tired of it.

I've been to more funerals then a 33 year old should have to go to by the time I die! Enough is enough.

Society and people, take better care of each other.

And finally for those that think drinking and driving is acceptable, GROW UP!!!!

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