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Saturday, 14 June 2014

How the other half live

(As mentioned in previous posts, I'm visiting a good friend and her kids. Staying in their home and not at a hotel)

As a adult we really don't get that much insight into the way other people live and how they manage their homes and family. 

When we were kids and we stayed over at our friends house for sleep overs, that might have been the first time that I realised that other homes operate in a completely different manner. 

Now as adults we rarely see others in their homes. Going over for lunch, a visit or even a BBQ is not the same. It's once the door is closed you see the differences between your home, they way you grew up and the way others live. 

I'm not passing any judgement. Unless you are in that person shoes you can't really know what it's like. Almost everyone I've ever met is just trying to do right by the people they are surrounded by. Most often my their off spring.

All I'm really saying is it's really interesting so see how the other half live. 

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