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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Flying in style

Firstly can you believe it! This is my second entry on day! I don't think this has ever happened before. (this should have posted on (12/06/2014)

I spent so much of last week talking about my blog, now all I do is write. Unlike having the normal think about a topic, I seem to now narrate thoughts in my head that would read well! Help!!!

As a child we would only ever fly British Airways and Air Canada. Nothing else would do for us. (but really they were the only 2 airlines that flew direct Montreal to Heathrow) Those were the days, would would dress up and we all felt kinda special. 

Since my childhood budget discount airlines have made their mark and although flights are cheaper than rail in the UK the flying experience has lost it's pizzazz. I've flown countless flights with Ryanair and sleezy jet. 

I'm not a very good daughter if you were to measure how often I make the effort to see my folks. I do speak to them at least weekly and in my early years of being in the UK I would speak to them daily. I've always insisted in having a good call plan and so my calls to Canada are free (£5 a month plan).

So last year I decided a needed a plan... How can I see them without actually having buy a ticket. The answer is British Airways American Express. Good in soooo many ways. (I pay my bill in full monthly)
The more I shop on the card the more I benefit. Everything from groceries to petrol goes on the card. It does take a while to accumulate avios points but in one year I have enough for a one way flight to YUL (the airport code for Montreal) By next year I hope to have enough for a return!

Today's flight ladies and gentleman is on BA. I'm back in the high life. I think I've been ruined now as I don't want to fly a budget airline ever again. 

Check in was lovely, used my iPhone app to do almost everything. Yesterday from the comforts of my bed I chose my seat and checked in. When I arrived at the airport this morning the BA luggage printing machine read the code off my phone and low and behold the label came out. I love how these things work. 

And get this..... I was under weight on my checked in bag!!! Whoop whoop!!!! Have you ever gone to the airport and seen people with open suitcase and they are taking things out and are either trying to squeeze it into their hand luggage or give items back to the people who brought them to the airport. Well that's me! Last time I was in Montreal and returning to London I was so over weight! Luggage.... Not me! My poor dad had to stand there with a bag of things that I just couldn't take back. 

So! Guess how heavy my check in luggage was. Remember my allowance is 23 kg. 23, nope, 22, no, 21, no try again, 20, keeping on going. (I'm probably going to loose readership so I'll cut to the chase!) 16kg!!!! World record for me!!!

My suitcase is also very light, strong, durable and even a little stylish. The range is called Helium by Delsey Paris. John Lewis had the best price, I always shop around and research.  For the London shoppers out there. If Selfridges and/ or Harrods also stock your item of choice it's probably going to last and be pretty good. Haven't you noticed how rich people complain loads. High-end stockists tend to sell reliable goods. 

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