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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Up up and away

In a few hours time I will be reunited with my bestie. Steph and I have been friends since the ripe old age of 7! Can you believe it, we are still friends after all this time. 

I often wonder what keeps us together or even what it is that keeps us in each others lives. I left Canada when I was 21 and Steph moved to Italy when she was 24. None the less I've gone to see her many a time regardless of where she is. She also spends part of her year in Abu Dhabi due to her husbands job.

Back to my question at had. I'm pretty sure I know the answer and have also had a conversation last week with a colleague friend who spoke of similar things. 

Without sounding too dramatic, it's big dramatic, often life changing experiences that either bring people closer or further apart. 

Steph and I were both 11/12 when our respective mothers popped out another turkey. We each had new brothers. Mine is my only brother while this was Steph's second brother. (I also have a sister). I still have pictures of when she brought her baby brother to school, it was the good old days of elements school. (She didn't bring Jason in on her own, her mother Barbara was there too)

It's funny because to date I don't remember us having that many conversations about our baby brothers but that was probably because we were both too busy changing their diapers. We are both the eldest of 3 and very responsible. 

The birth of the boys was a nice thing to have in common but it was the events in our later life, that to me, are the glue to our friendship. 

Quick Camino digression. Linda a Camino friend told me something that feels so true. It's such a simple statement. - There are only 2 kinds people in life. Those that show up, and those that don't.

When I was about 16 some bad family shit went down. Stephanie and Ashley were there less than hour after the ambulance had left. (Big story guys, that will never be blogged, so don't wait for it)
Oh and Ashley is my sisters best friend from possibly the age of 4 or 5.

I was also around/ish throughout Barbara's unsuccessful battle with the big C. She died of a brain tumor. I was already in London for all of this but I called Steph a lot and when I was in Montreal I saw her and her mom. When Barbara died I was so close to going to the funeral, but Canada is a tad bit far at times and last minute flights aren't cheap.

I have been there for some more fun times too, I went back for Stephanie wedding. I visited her first newborn about 10 days after he was born and then flew back a few moths later for his baptism. Last year I made it to Abu Dhabi to see baby number 2 although he more of a toddler then.

So anyways folks, in a few hours time I'll be making more memories with my oldest friend and her 2 very handsome sons. (3 & 5 ish)
When of the best things about talking to someone who knows you, is they know all the shit that got you to where you are. It's not all shit either, some of it is really good to.

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