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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Shout it out.... or damn well try

Do you ever have one of those moments when you want to shout just to let it out? I’ve never been a shouter or a screamer. I’ve always just been a walker. Instead of shouting it out I would just walk it out….

If I still feel like this in the morning I’m going to walk to work. This is good for so many reasons. I’m off to Italy on Thursday morning and I feel like a Canadian moose. I actually think I might even resemble one right now too. It’s tough being a girl especially when I love food and have a fantastic wardrobe that happens to be about a dress size or 2 smaller than what I actually am. Luckily for me I can loose it quickly enough if I put my mind to it. Back to walking, it’s also a fantastic time to think.

One of the things I need to decide is, when am I getting back on to my yellow brick road. (The Camino de Santiago)

I want to do the whole thing again. Originally when I walked it the first time I told myself that I should do this every 10 years. I thought that sounded like a great milestone and a good round number. Now only 5 years have passed and I feel that I need to do it again. I can’t even explain why I NEED to do it again but I do. I just do.

The first time around it was so incredibly special. I know it will be different this time but I hope it will still be special in a new way. I called Rebekah in Spain last night and spoke to her for 45 minutes.  She was very adamant and clear when she told me it will be different. New things will come up as I walk, this is probably a very good thing.

Back to actually doing it again. Do I walk the French route or should I try another one. The French route is the most popular and the most catered for, however there are so many other routes that are apparently even more beautiful and untouched. Then this fear comes over me again. I was scared shitless the first time and the idea of doing another route is terrifying. I hate being scared and if I could grow a pair I would. (Just joking! I’m happy being a girl)

Reb suggested walking upwards (also know as North but you get me) walk up. This route is called Via de la Plata from Sevilla via Salamanca to Santiago de Compostela.  Actually as I’m typing these words I feel calmer. This might be the answer.

But before I jump on the bandwagon I have to remember a few more things. I actually have a job that I still need to make the occasionally appearance. I really need to look at my annual leave and see what I can manage to take off and when. I’ll be in Portugal for a week and maybe instead of flying back I could just take a train from Faro to Sevlille on the 17th of August. Most people would melt walking in that kind of heat but I’m pretty sure that I’ll be ok. The next thing I need to really think about is that most of the Spanish people have August off. They too will be walking and the path will be busy.

Another thing that I need to factor is a recent invitation to spend some time in an old farm house in France with Rebekah and friends. I don’t know any of them but that’s never stopped me.

Oh… and back to the annual leave thing. I need to factor in that I actually have a family that love me. Yet I almost never ever go visit any of them... (I’ll think about that too when I walk)

On a final note – I’m going to try and get back to writing more regularly. I find it therapeutic and it’s a nice way to vent, ponder and think out loud. I read a great book a few years ago that talks about writing a journal and how it gives you the answers to the questions you have. Journaling is more personal but even this helps. I do highly recommend the book. It’s called WritingDown Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within byJanet Conner.

Be good kids and be kind to one another


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