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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

It's 2:53 am. Confirmed insomniac


Work is pretty bad as mentioned in earlier posts. 

It's affecting my sleep and well I can't really sleep past 3 hours. Raccoon face is probably in full swing. I'm avoiding looking at mirror at all costs. Either way I have enough colleagues that will kindly tell me I look like shit! Oh the joys....

Anyhow! I've been up since one. I styled in bed until 2 and then came down to prepare the BBQ food for Monday nights BBQ. All are welcome. It will be at Michales Mead camp ground in Glastonbury.... The best place in the world!

I'm praying that for the next 6 days I don't think about work at all!

I went to yoga tonight and man can you see the stress in my body. My shoulders are so high and my poor neck is feeling the brunt of it. I really must learn how to not let stress manifest in my body. Enough of the misery. 

Here is pic of the food. I'll try and post loads while I'm away. I quite like this blogging jazz.

Be good and be kind to one another 

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