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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Middle class... Really?

To many this picture might just be of loo roll in a plastic bag. 

But really it's much more....

I was packing for Glastonbury and it finally hit me. Not only was I going to the best music festival ever... But I'm also middle class. 

I've had internal debates with the class system for donkeys years. 

What am I? What are my folks? What was I growing up? And what were my folks growing up?

Working class, middle class, upper middle, lower middle, skint class, plain out poor? You get the drift. 

I don't actually have the time to go into this for too long but the picture sums it up. Ikea good quality plastic bag with velvet quilted loo roll. And this will be used at the middle class festival. 

More pictures to follow. 

This is the view the people in the queue to charge their mobile phone. (I'm am also)

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