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Friday, 27 June 2014

Kind people at Glastonbury

Morning all, thought I would say hi while Emma sleeps for another hour. Once she is up we will go find some breaky.

Yesterday was simple day. No live music until 8pm and so we walked, talked, ate and drank. 

What I noticed the most about yesterday is how friendly and kind people are at Glato. I don't think it was do with being drunk or stoned either. 

Everyone is in a good happy caring place and well... You can see it.

Yesterday morning on my way get a soya hot chocolate there were 2 guys asking some attendants for directions to the car park. I knew where they had to be so I helped. The attendants were on their way somewhere and so they carried on. The boys and I were talking and they showed me a wallet they had found. They wanted to find the owner and give it to him so they could see his happy reaction. Both of their mobiles had run out of juice so we used mine and tweeted @glastoinfo. As we parted we said our goodbyes and then one of them added, you have a kind soul. 

It might be a random thing to say or something one says at Glastonbury... But I thought it was nice (I also think it's true)

Later that day, we (Emma, I and our glasto family (people we met last year)) met to drink, talk, walk and eat. You have to get me in the right mood to drink but when I'm there.... I'm there. Only 2 pints of cider to get me merry and once you add the third I'm drunk! I sure am lucky that this can happen for under £20 bargain! 

Being drunk also helped with the rain situation. Although I was cold and wet... It still not so bad. 

As I'm writing this now, it's raining. Looks like it might be raining all day. 

Here is a picture of the view from my tent looking towards the pyramid stage. 

This next picture is what I've been using to sleep. Quite different from last year when I took national express. Bringing the car means you can bring those creature comfort things.

My bright strippy down pillow. (About a 300 thread count, 100% Cotten from Sheridan.com.au)
My lightweight Quechua sleeping bag that traveled with me on the Camino. 
The next 2 are from Glastonbury. Although at home I sleep with a. Duvet I love blankets. When I learn to knit I'm going to start with making a blanket. Glastonbury has these stalls where you can buy just about anything. The blanket stall has tons and tons of blankets all for £5. They are used but there are some fantastic finds. 

The wool blanket is massive and it hasn't been attacked my those pesky cloths moths not does it have that awful smell of moth balls. (I hate the smell of moth balls). The star blanket is just warm, fluffy. It's makes me happy!

Oh and last night Em and I were sitting on a bench while I was eating Cotten candy (candy floss) and these nice people offered me their chips that they couldn't eat. I eat their chips and we chatted. Rely nice people 

Em will be up in 15 minutes and then we will be off on our adventure. I've never been to festival in the rain so this will be interesting. I have a cold and it's getting worse so I'll have to head to the pharmacy here and get some meds)

Peace out

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