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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Strip down: Sleeping naked is good for your relationship, survey says... OBVIOUS

Its late but this entry is pressing. (hahaha – do you get it?)

No but seriously the findings in this study is sooooo beyond obvious!

Of course sleeping naked is good for you regardless if you are sleeping alone or more so if you are sleeping with someone. Skin is the largest (and one of the greatest) organs in the human body. Without skin what would touching, feeling, hugging be. It would be nothing.  Our skin needs to breath. Haven’t you ever noticed how babies  / toddlers love being naked. They are always running around naked.

I’ve put the links from a few papers but its all about the same study that was conducted by Cotton USA.

The Independent - article also mentions how polyester is the devil

Stylist - good article

I could actually go on about this topic until I’m blue in the face but I wont. Wear PJ’s when you are lounging around in the house or if you are staying with guests. Even if it’s cold at night get a better duvet and / or bed sheets.  Get a hot water bottle but ladies and gentleman; sleep naked, hug, spoon and then fork!  (Don’t forget birth control – only have babies if you want them)

The end 

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