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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Thoughts on my journey home.

This photo is of the view from the balcony. 

I'm writing this one from the plane on my journey home. 

I'm missing Steph and the boys so much!

This morning I got up early while they were all in bed. I had a shower, got ready, emptied the dishwasher, and stripped the bedding. Then the the 2 year old woke up and once he is up the rest of them followed. 

Most young kids are funny but hers are a hoot. The 4 year and I had a chat this morning. I told him that it's been a great visit and I'll miss him. He replied with. Yes, Leena I had fun, but now it's time for you to go. :-)

So my ring.... I have it and it's on my finger. I still took the nice jewellery box and bag but I had to put it on right away. Unfortunately it's too big. Real bummer since we (Marco my jeweller) measured my finger on Saturday. Next time I'm in town he'll adjust it for free. It's quite a stunner. It's massive. Picture to follow soon. Other than the welding the whole ring has been made my hand. The setting is in white gold and the band is in rose good. It's is an unusual contrast but it's works well and most important it works for me! It's also a very subtle change in the 2 colours of gold and doesn't look weird. 

Did you guys pick up on the fact that I addressed the jeweller as my jeweller and not the jeweller. I've now added him to the list of My. It's takes a while to find a good person in any trade.

So far I have the following, where I think of them as my.

Yoga teacher
Eye brewer / waxer
Hair dresser 
And now jeweller 

My friend Emma once said to me, Leena, you're the only person that has their own osteopath. Of course Shital is other people's osteopath too but I like think she's mine. You get the idea. 

Getting back to the visit, I keep replaying the conversations we had. This is very normal for me and if I ever have a meaningful conversation with anyone I replay it in my head afterwards. To me is all food for thought. 

We were in the kitchen last night after the boys were in bed and I asked her what her most favourite emotion or feeling is. I then told her mine. I won't disclose either of our answers but how fascinating that neither of our answers were Love or Happiness. 

Oh and another thing that I concluded is I might have to put back my Camino trip a few months. I really want to do it but it's going to be tricky with annual leave and upcoming holiday. I have Glastonbury, then in August I'll be in Portugal and I'm also going to try and get away to stay with Reb in the cottage in France in September. 

Additionally I have to pay bills, pay for this rock on my hand and save. 

Most people will tell you that May and September are the best months to walk the Camino as it's not too hot. I'll aim for May I think..... But I really want to get on the road ASAP!

Don't be surprised if I nip off in September and even walk for a few days. Reb said she would join me if I want. Seeing I'm not doing the whole thing and just a tiny snippet then why not say yes to some good company. 

How can someone love walking as much as I do. It really feels like a drug... I'm in need of a fix! 

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