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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My last night in Italy

Wow! I cant believe I’m going home tomorrow. Its been such a great visit for both of us, for so many reasons. (us being Steph and I)

Our lives are sooo different in so many, many ways but despite this we are both going through similar things. She is married with 2 children while I on the other hand am single with 2 flatmates. We are both trying to do our best in this world for ourselves and our people. When I use the term our people, I’m meaning our children, friends, family, society etc.

What I find fascinating is for the last few evenings we have had different conversations that are all about: Our past, our parents, our kids, being a kid, being a daughter, being a daughter in law, watching our loved ones die, living for someone who has died etc.

I suppose you could say its all pretty heavy stuff but really, its life. Its just the way it goes. You can’t really avoid these things in life. You just have to live. One of my favourite little saying sayings is, Its just the way cookie crumbles. We need to just deal. I do have a major bias here but I think we are both doing rather well. Of course it’s a work in progress but if you think out it, that’s what life is all about. It’s a work in progress. I’m not quite a Renoir yet, but if you stand back far enough and squint you’ll see good things!

I would love to go into more detail of some of our conversations… but this is the Internet and I respect privacy.

I will tell you something that I find funny, that came up in conversation. (its about me) Its actually a big deal and has been a big deal for me for a very long time. Many, many moons ago when I was 5/6 years ago I failed grade 2. Yes… there, I said it. Now you would think this is absurd as I’m a brainiac.. but no really it’s the truth. I was young, I was in French school and most of all I was not at the maturity level to be in school. My mom didn’t want me to stay in the same school when my school mates would move to the next year so she moved me to a new school. Smart decision, that’s also how I met Steph but all honesty I felt like a failure for years/ decades. What kind of kid fails grade 2? That kid is me. Don’t worry though.. its all worked out. I went to university, bought a house in one of the biggest and best cities in the world at the age of 27. As I write this I’m further amused by the fact that some things in life take much longer to get over than others and it isn’t  always about how significant or insignificant that ‘thing’ is. These ‘things’ vary for all of us.

Anyways guys, its bed time now.. I’ve just had the entire bottle of Fragolino (5 euro). It’s the strawberry version of bucksfizz. Cheap and cheerful… another good saying

PS. I pick my the rock tomorrow….aka my new ring! Sooooo excited!! whoop whoop

PSS. I’m going to start telling you what I’ve been listing too as I type, Today’s soundtrack is Lykke Li – who is also playing at Glastonbury this year…Can’t wait!!!

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