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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Dinning room

Hello all,

Yes I'm back!!! Where the hell have I been?

Lots to report.

I've had this cold cough thing for 4 weeks now! The last time I really felt great was May / June. I've been to the GP for the last 3 weeks and this week I had a chest X-ray and a blood test so watch this space.

I've a got a new job that starts this week. Exciting and scary at the same time!

One of my house mates is moving out and so I'm looking for a new one!

I've decided that it's ok to ask for help and that includes paying for help! I have now procured a gardener! Whoop whoop! Tim will come every 2 weeks and do what he can in the time slot. Time for some BBQ's!

What else, I finally finished painting the dinning room and it's looks shit hot! Actually it looks very grown up but I think that was what I was going for.

I can't wait to start entertaining again. My mom had me at 22 and so back in the day she was super cool. I grew up with my parents having dinner parties and going to them too. We were never too young to go out or to have other couples, families and kids over. I actually think is one of the reasons that my brother, sister and I are so well behaved. We were never cooped up in the house due to our age. Our folks, particularly my mom took us everywhere. We have always known how to behave in public.

Anyways... Back to the table. So in true Leena style I bought this table 6 years ago! Yes you heard right! Six years ago. It's taken me blinking ages to get a move on it. I always have these faffy excuses. For a while I wanted to sell the old table. I never got around to that and so last month I gave it to my plumbers 17 year old sister who has just got her own council flat. I don't know the story and I kinda don't care. (I do care... I had to live at home or get a job... Anyways!) Her place is unfurnished so the table has come in handy.

Another delay was the fact that there was some damp on one the walls. What do you expect when you buy a house built in 1897. Well I sorted out the damp 3 years ago but never got around to getting the wall re-skimmed/plastered. I finally got that done last month and picked a paint color. I have to say, picking paint is hard. I find buying a new car easier or picking a holiday destination. I think I find almost everything easier. Why is paint colour so hard, because you have to look at it all day! (Side note! Maybe I've never settled down with a boy because I can't find one I want to look at for that long? Maybe... Not sure)

On the topic of boys. Steph and I had a 2 hour phone call this week. I've been super busy with all of the above and she has 2 little men to run after so it should be no surprise that we haven't spoken since I left Italy on June 17th. We spoke about a lot of things, and there was a whole section on boys.

Boys, men, sons, husbands, fathers, brothers. At the and of the day you can never take the boy out of the man, husband, father, brother, son.... They are all boys! Even the really good ones! Look close enough... And you'll see the boy. I suppose that's one of the best things about the opposite sex and also the one things that all woman should be weary of.

You kinda had to there for the conversation I guess.

L xx

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