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Sunday, 10 August 2014

My week so far: 06/08/2104

Should have been posted on 
Wednesday August 6th 2014

This week so far!

This is my first week at my new desk and in my new job. No complaints, it's going well. 

Health: so from the last entry I've had my tests back and I'm going to survive! No but seriously the GP has no idea what's up. My playlets are elevated and she's not sure why? (Neither am I, would be useful if she had an idea) Anyhow. Last Saturday I felt super rough and spent all of Saturday and Sunday in bed. On Sunday I found enough energy to go to planet organic and invest in anything natural. I eat a pretty healthy diet so to have a cold, flu, cough for 9 fucking weeks is nuts! I left there £70 lighter in the pocket and loaded with UDO's oils and healthy bacteria. Today is Wednesday and I'm starting to feel a little more like moi! Throat still not brill but I'm hoping in a few more days it will be. I'm also juicing more and having more fruits with antioxidants. 

Now that my health is on the up I can start and get excited about Portugal! Not sure how my body will handle 4 hours of yoga a day but that's what I paid for! This will be my second year on the one week yoga holiday retreat. It's really flexible not regimented plus you have 5 hours in the middle of the day to do what ever you fancy. There is 3 pools and we are only about 8 miles from the ocean. My friend Charlotte is coming with me. 

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