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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Yoga in a few hours

 It's 3 am and I can't sleep. 

I'm now in the Algarve and in a few hours I need to do 2 hours of yoga... and 5 hours after that! I need to do another 2 hours!

This last year has been so busy and I've only managed to attend 2 weekly classes. The next week will be interesting!

Charlotte and I had a lovely day today at the beach. We started the day off at Praia de Falésia. The beach of the cliffs or something like that. Really beautiful red sandy cliffs. I took a few photos on Charlotte's phone so I'll post them once I get them. The water was quite cold and so I didn't last too long but it was good to be in the ocean. After that we napped, chatted, roasted and eventually went for a wander. There were a load of restaurants but you know those times when you want something simple. We found a cafe that made me a veggie baguette and C had a ham and cheese omelette. It's the simple things.

After that we took our merry time walking, talking and stoping loads. Eventually we ended up at and other town and beach that we both hope to revisit. This one was called De Olhos d'Agua. Isn't it funny what you end up doing on holiday. We walked into almost every tacky kitch store. I bought a new hat and so did Charlotte. We were good. We didn't waste our money on shite yet we still had a good inspection of what they have to offer. 

I don't know Charlotte well but the day was effortless and well that's all you really need in life. From January until last month we use to sit on the same floor and for the first 5 months we were only one bay of desks apart. We didn't even talk that much back then, but you just know. It's that feeling. So when I mentioned the yoga holiday in passing on a Friday about 6 weeks ago I was totally surprised when she came up to me on the Monday and said that she would like to come along. 

I was really pleased! I can be quite sociable and I would have made friends here to keep me company but it's always nicer when someone is your friend. It's like you have dibs. 

We are both good today and almost didn't talk about work at all and when we did, it didn't last for hours. 

God... It's half 3. I should sleep

pictures to follow

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