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Monday, 1 December 2014

Further investigations still needed

Well! I went to see the doc today and got my results from my blood test last week. Not great really. There are 2 things that are still elevated and further investigation is needed. I have now been referred to the medicine department at my local NHS hospital. I’m hoping that in January I will have my appointment. For women under 50 years old, the level should be less than 20 mm/hr. In July mine was 26 and now its 36. Not great

On a positive it explains why I’m still not feeling fab.

I told the GP that I’m really stressed and will it affect my blood. The plan is to rest rest, rest, while I’m not at work.

Now why am I stressed you ask? A new flat mate moved in on Wednesday. He appeared to have all his ducks in order although he forgot to mention he was an alcoholic! Trust me this realization has not been fun at all. I have asked him to go and he should be out soon!

Todays sound track has been: Built on Glass by Chet Faker

Sorry this is a short entry, more to come soon

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