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Saturday, 3 January 2015

2015.... Eh?

So folks, 2014 is long gone and now onwards and upwards!

I write this from the airport waiting lounge. I should have returned to London last night but British Airways made me an offer I couldn't resist. The gave me good old fashioned Stirling and bumped me up by a day. Not bad really. My folks only live about 20 minutes from the airport so it was no biggy for them to come back and get me. When I had left them earlier that evening there were a lot of tears. 

My dad is going on a cruise for 4 months and he quite hard to reach when he is away. 

My mom and I have had quite a ride with each other over the years and it hasn't been fun at all. In the last few months things have greatly improved. Maybe the best it's been in over a decade. When I hugged her goodby last night, I told her the best thing about getting sick was finding my mom again. Then in Leena fashion, I told her to stop being an idiot. (Come'on you can't always be nice!)

My extra day today has felt like such a bonus. Bonus is the best way to explain it. This day was just given to me, and it was for me to be in Montreal for one more day. 

Today I took it really easy. I didn't unpack at all. It's just not necessary. My mom leant me some PJ's and dad gave me a new tooth brush. Easy

Last week I was in the middle of feeling really awful again. One of the days I just cried which for me is sign that things are at a breaking point. I was also really upset about having to go back to work and not actually being better. Anyhow my mom suggested I go see a family friend who is training to be an osteopath. My mom and sister have both gone to see him and only had good things to say. So I went to see him on the 28th, the 30th and TODAY the 2nd :-) He did what he could and I feel so much better for it.

There is still work to be done but that's the joy of living. We are all a work in progress. 

I like that this is a new year, it feels like a fresh start. Everyday we live is a fresh start. I need to remember that more. Fundamentally though, I know this. 

I'm also making steps to improve everything in my life that is not working. They may be really small and simple but it's a conscious effort. 

I'll list a few, they might sound silly but they will benefit me and really.... It's all about moi!

1) drink more water! So far so good and my mom even made a comment today that she's noticing that I'm drinking more l'eau. 

2) if it's not benefitting me, then try and get rid of it. Start with baby steps. Almost every morning I end up deleting about 20 emails or more. It's just spam, great deals, offers etc. Yes might find a good deal... But I'm not looking for one at the time so why so many emails. So for the last 3 days instead of swiping the email and clicking on delete I'm unsubscribe from the mailing list. Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe.

This next one I think comes from age. The longer you live the more you should realise that it's all bullshit really. It's all stuff, just extra stuff. It won't love you or  hold you at night. It's just extra stuff. I'm not criticising people that have lots of stuff, but tell me? Is it really making you happy?

If you have something, want something or need something, then make it worth it. Quality over quantity. This is one of the best rules you can ever learn in life. It especially applies for people. Surround yourself/your life with a few good people and you will sorted forever.

But back to stuff. If you are going to keep items in your home, use them or let them go. Give it away to charity or someone who might get some use of it. I don't have a huge kitchen and it's shared with 3 of us. Most things I have get used. This is good. 

Unfortunately this is not the case for every room in my house. My focus this year is going to be on my bedroom. I have enough tasteful furniture that can happily hold and contain my possessions. My problem is I still have extra stuff. I'm almost looking forward to binning most of it. :-)

Oh and next time I'll link a photo from Pinterest of the ideal bedroom

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