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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Just do what you have to

So work is still up in the air. I have an employer but no job! I turned down the first offer taking a big gamble. I will have to accept my second offer despite what it is. I should get offer number 2 at the end of February. This feels like a long time away when I know it's not that loooong. 

My colleagues on the other side of the floor have a possible vacancy. I like them, they like me, and I can do the job. The question is, who do I need to sleep with to get this job?

Just joking kids, I don't play that way. (Probably because it wouldn't work, but it's also not my style) 

My employers have some sort of system where the board meet monthly, discuss the 'displaced' and then offer them a department. They have canceled Januarys meeting so that's why I have to wait until Feb.

When I started there years ago I was told by some idiots not to talk to the senior managers or anyone really who is higher on the totem pole. As soon as I was given this shitty advice, I decided to ignore that one immediately. Why shouldn't I speak to people that make loads more money that me? Last I looked they are still people? And yes they might have to follow rules etc but influence and persuasion can go a long way.

I can be very forward, most of them know that about me and like that about me too but I still need to approach this carefully. 

I decided to get some fresh air and went to pick up some lunch from a nice vegan co-op. 

On my walk there I saw this and took a picture just for you.

This photo for me is in true camino style. When I walked in Spain almost everything I saw had great meaning. It was almost like being high and EVERYTHING has great deep meaning. 

This squirrel is doing his thing.... or should it be a her? He/She is not bothered about the fact that construction is taking place. If opportunity knocks then just go for it. 

I returned from lunch and spoke to them all, now I'll just have to wait and see. When I left to go home they were in a meeting. I hope it was discussed. 

To be updated.

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