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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Some questions were answered

Well… I survived the day.

Dr.Ben was lovely, just like his voice. (He’s married ) He listened to me for almost an hour and we went though my whole medical history. We went through each blood test one by one, he explained everything that he could. He was really sympathetic. Sometime you meet professionals and you almost know that you would be friends if the circumstances or situation were different. I kind of had that sense with this doctor. After we spoke we had a little chat about the Mark’s death and the inquest that would be taking place in a few hours.

Anyhow… I might have had an actually diagnosis. I’m a little scary even writing it down but its ok. I’ll be ok. The doc is referring me to the Chronic Fatigue treatment and research unit at Kings College London. They have a specialist team and he thinks they might be able to help me. He was also really positive with all the steps that I have been doing. Eating relatively well and getting exercise when I can. We went though the NICE guidelines and I have almost all the symptoms.

Gosh the next part of the day was a little intense.

I so badly want to explain everything that was said at the coroners inquest but that would be wrong and it’s not my place. What I can tell you is there is there are so many sides to a person and their story. There were so many people in that room that had no idea about his life, his feelings, emotions, relationships etc. I honestly felt like one of the few that knew him. Many statements concurred that his behavior in the last few weeks were really irrationally. This eventually led to his most tragic death. He has been dead now for 8 months and his employers have failed to find a replacement. 3 have tried so far and one more starts in March. One person lasted 2 weeks, one lasted 2 days. It goes to show he was a bit of a super human. Man do I miss the idiot!

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