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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Brat Face

So! We know why Steph has gone a bit AWOL. She is preggers with baby number 3. I'll go see her in August when the baby is born. When number 3 will be born her eldest will be about 5 1/2. This makes me think of Brat Face. 

Brat Face is my brother, he is actually dashingly handsome and quite popular amongst many. I'm a fan most of the time but he is still a lazy brat. 

Anyhow, this story is about him when he was a baby and toddler. I was 11 when he was born so I can remember all of it. 

I hope most of you have seen new borns. They are kinda gross but if you are lucky that changes quickly. So this baby was really welcomed into our home. There was no jealousy really, my mom raised him with us. My dad was there too but I don't have very many memories of my dad when we (3 kids) were growing up. He worked a lot and did night shifts too. I can't complain too much, as we have aged, we see and speak to him a lot more. (Divorce may be a factor)

I'm diverting, back to Brat Face. For as long as I can remember I've always had long philosophical debates and discussions in my head. I tend to analysis and dissect everything. 

So I knew I loved him, I knew we all loved him but I was curious if he knew that. At what age would he know what love is, when would he start using the word. When would it mean something to him. 

Because I'm the smartest person in the world. ( yes I know I shouldn't start a sentence or paragraph with because) I had a theory that I was going to test out and use. I was sure that his conscious mind knew that I loved him but I wasn't sure if his unconscious mind knew. So the only way to test the unconscious was to knock him out. No! Just joking. I would test my theory for many years from as soon as he was speaking. 

In the middle of the night for years I would go to his cot / bed and shake him awake. Not violently, just so that he was awake in a groggy state. I would ask him 'Brat face, who loves you?' He would then reply 'Leena, you love me'. It was all I needed to hear and then he would be asleep in seconds again. {I used his real name}

No I didn't do this all the time. There was no rhyme, reason or schedule. It's was, as and when he would pop into my head or when I was thinking about love. ( you guys know I'm always thinking about love, even when I was a kid myself)

I'm trying to remember when this waking him up business stopped or why. It stopped when I moved in with my dad, he and my sister stayed with my mom. He was about 5. I wonder if he remembers me waking him. I suppose I should ask him. He and my sister don't read this blog, they have the details but no interest. Each to their own I say. 

I doubt I'll ask him anytime soon, maybe when I see him next but not sure when that will be. Possibly my dads 70th in October but that's a blog entry in itself. 

The bro is off this weekend to see his in-laws. He has met his diplomat partners parents before but never at their home. (I use the term in-laws but they aren't hitched. Maybe one day)

Here is a great blog entry from Ellie talking about gays and adoption. A great read and I use the word retard a lot. Former managers have told me off plenty, it's not the done thing in the UK. Oops!

Let's end this entry with a pretty pic of Steph and family on holiday in the desert. You can see baby too! 

L xxxxx

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