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Thursday, 2 April 2015


Hello Hello

So! Things at work and my health are kinda the same so we wont talk about that today.

We will talk about how it’s been such a nice day despite a death. Yes, someone died today. Alison’s grandmother was 2 weeks short of her 90th birthday and she died this morning. Very sad for Alison and the family. (The condolence card is in the post)

But let me tell you all about the nice people that made today so great. Adam, David and Jane.

Adam is work Adam, former manager and now just a good friend. Shame he lives at the other end of the country or else I would go visit him and his family more. I’ve been off sick since last Wednesday and made an appearance today. I sent Adam a longish email and he sent me a lovely reply. It’s always important to know that people care and that they are there for you. In life you don’t always need people to fix things, you just need kind people that care. Showing kindness is so easy. Thank you Adam xx

I also returned to work with lots of hello’s and emails inviting me to lunch. I must be a loud mouth because they all know when I haven’t been there for a few days. Prior to arriving at work I got a text from my colleague telling me that I should really go see Colonel Sanders and he can fix me. They all know I’m a vegetarian but think chicken is the answer.

The next person who made this day really good is David. Well David and his wife Julie. They are strangers, I have never met them, nor is it likely that I ever will.

Last Thursday while I was off sick and feeling shit I decided that I couldn’t eat chocolate any longer and it was time to visit the grocery store. So I’m in the parking lot of Tesco and as I’m swinging into a free parking spot I accidently crash into a blue Honda Civic. OH MY GOD!!! I so desperately wanted to get the hell out of there and fast. SERIOUSLY I WANTED TO RUN AWAY. I didn’t because its not the way I role. I’m a good moral-ish person that was raised by pretty great parents. Instead I fixed my mal parking attempt, got out of the car shaking, checked out the damage on the poor Honda and searched for some paper and a pen. My note was simple, I was sacred shitless and had no idea what to write. How about,  ‘Hey, I’m a fucking idiot. Sorry’ I opted for ‘Hi, I hit your car. I’m very sorry, please call me to sort 07***.

While in Tesco I needed comfort food and purchased some shortbread biscuits. Times like these are when you need all butter and calories don’t exist.

Now I knew that these people were going to call me soon but I was petrified. The call could go in so many directions. The possibilities are endless. Lucky for me Julie called, she and her husband were at the car and were wondering if I was still at Tesco. I explained that I wasn’t and that I was sorry etc. They needed my details which I texted and they replied with a the following. I was also explaining that I was going to the hospital later that day and might not answer. (I will blog hospital stuff soon)

‘No Worries Leena, these things happen, thank you for leaving the note, we appreciate it. Etc etc. ‘

How nice is that! In the proceeding days we both made calls to garages and I sourced a new Honda civic bumper that would arrive in 2 days. I opted to fix this situation by not going down the insurance route, need to save my no claims discount. I spoke to David a few times and sent emails etc. All correspondence has been great. I don’t know if our greatness was bouncing off each other but man, has this whole experience been so pleasant.

So today David texted me, to let me know that the repair was completed, and it was fine to call the Honda garage to pay for the labor costs. Once I did, I texted him “Thanks David, they are all paid up and I have emailed you the receipt for your records. Thanks Leena”

His final reply was part of my great day! He wrote, “Back home now. Thanks for your honesty and being proactive. You’ve restored my faith in human nature.”

How nice is that? Seriously! What a nice nice nice text. (David and Julie’s Thank you card is in the post) I’m not trying to be wet but I need them to know that they too have restored my faith in human nature. There was never an ounce of drama or raised voices etc.

Now for Jane. Jane is Met police officer. I’m very Canadian when it comes to my street, my  community and I am the coordinator for the Neighborhood Watch on my street. The Met email me and I then email the other residents on the road. Today the council were coming with the police to meet a few residents who were available to discuss the security on our road and things that could be improved and looked at. Street lighting, wheelie bins, securing gates etc. I had met Jane last month and the neighborhood watch meeting and we had a little chat then, but today we got to talk a little bit more. After the official stuff was done it was just girlie banter. The others were still talking and so I invited Jane in. I asked her to have a look at the rear of my house from a security point of view. (I will be making some changes shortly). Right from the second she walked in, she said how my house had a really good feel to it. She said it a few times, she is right, it’s a good house. It’s why within the first minute of viewing it 10 years ago I knew it was the one. She also commented on lovely smell lilies as soon as you walk in. 

Here is a pic of them, they are from Columbia Road Flower Market.

While she was over I asked her to find me a nice guy, I poured her some Robinsons Orange Squash, discussed sex, boys and love (it came up), gave her a tour of the house, and cut and wrapped up a piece of Teach’s Orange cake. (Teach is one of my flat mates who is getting me fat! He’s a great baker and chef.) In the middle of our yapping she stopped me to tell me how nice I was and how it was such a change from her normal day where the public are just shouting at her. How nice was that! I was just being me and she liked me. The police are nice people, we should all be nicer to them.

And well guys, that was my day, made of nice people being nice. Nice nice nice. As they end every episode of Sesame Street.  - Today’s episode has been brought to you by the letters N I C E. 

L xx

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