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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The adventure begins

So I'm starting this entry on the flight to Israel.

The next 9 days are are going to be full on and a whole lot of fun.

So far one wedding guest has not made it on the flight. She didn't do her online check in with the budget airline and the flight was over booked. Hopefully she'll be on a later flight today.

This morning I took a cab to A's mother in law 'S'. She's got a big heart ❤️ and a big mouth. I'm sure she won't mind me saying that. She can talk for England. I was struggling to even stay awake at 3:30 am when I hadn't even slept, while she was yapping away. Despite being sleep deprived, I find humans so interesting and fascinating. This might have to do with awareness of myself and my own thoughts. S is a worrier and she worries to a whole new level. She lets small things wind her up and can get worked up very quickly. The taxi to the airport was late, and she was not at all pleased. I don't know her that well and it's rude for me to tell her what to do, so I just listen and support.

Back to people watching (my past time)

I'm now with A's parents as we are about to go through immigration and her mom is having a go at her dad for loosing the kindle. She's not yelling at him but is clearly upset and saying, 'I know better than to give you things, you always loose my stuff'.  (She gave the kindle to her son to hold.) When she did realise she apologised to her husband, and was genuinely sorry. That's a start for sure, more people must say sorry and mean it.

I wonder what I'll be like, when I grow up (yes I know, I'm grown). I like to think I'll be chill. I'm getting there through lots of conscious thoughts. I really try hard to not sweat the small stuff. I succeed most of the time.

I still want to kill my housemates for how badly they wash dishes, but with very very deep breaths. I rewash the very dirty dishes and move on.

I use to tell myself that all the bad stuff is in the past and now it's smooth sailing, I'm pretty damn sure I'm right. The amount of 'life stuff' that I have lived though and experienced is vast. I think because there has been so much,  I deal with new things very quickly. Almost anything will come up and it instantly goes straight on the scale of life:

Does this really matter or not?

And guess what folks, the answer to most things is: It's doesn't matter.

It's just a tiny part of the picture. Focus on the big picture. Who cares if some of the megapixels of our life's image is a bit fucked. If you just stand back and have a look at the picture, everything is as it should be. You don't even have to squint.

I'm going to end this, with one of my favourite old school quotes. 'There's no point in crying over spilled milk'

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