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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Open your eyes

All you/we/us have to do is open our eyes.

There is so much love out there if you just look. Look 👀

For the sake of this blog, A's groom / husband is call G, his mom, from the previous entry is S.

I'm so happy that the Bride A is marrying into this family. There is so much love even though they want to ring each others neck sometimes. That's normal. Last night after 14 of us went and watched the the light show at the Tower of David. After it ended we needed to make our way back to the hotel. Some of us wanted to walk. (I love sightseeing) and others were beyond shattered and a taxi home was what they needed. S wanted to walk and so did I. Another 4 joined us while the others cabbed it. Before G made his decision he asked his mom if she wanted him to walk with her. S isn't old but she does stumble occasionally and the pavement is old. Very old in parts of Jerusalem.

I could tell that G wanted someone to be with S, and he was happy for that person to be him. I was also happy to be with her so I told him 'I've got her' I grabbed her arm and we lived happily ever after.

No, but really, even our subconscious mind has the ability to love. G, just puts himself out there for the people he loves and cares about. I'm just so happy that A has found her penguin. [side note of when I knew that G was right for A. Even before they met, G's father had died. During his last year of his life G went to the hospice every day to see his dad. - My last birthday was a bit of shamble. I invited a million people and only 5 people came. 5 important people. As the evening unwinded G had to go to another party and he said I could come along. (I was dressed up for a party) A was tired and went home. At the restaurant with his friends we all ordered our meals. Once the food arrived, one of the others girls dishes was wrong. He offered to swap his food with her's. That kind of kindness is not seen all that often. I knew then that he was a keeper. ~ a lot of my friends have chosen to be with people that that I'm just not sure of. My gut is unsure. - I'm sure about G]

I'm jumping around a lot, need to make this speedy as I've got to get up and head out soon. I'm going to walk to Temple Mount as the sun rises.

The group of wedding guests so far are so diverse. Diversity is so amazing, we need to embrace it more and stop being fearful of the unknown. The party so far contains guests who's home country are; Canada, Romania, Brazil, Poland, United Kingdom. As well as more diversity when it comes to our skin colour and sexual orientation and religion. There a black girl, and a Muslim gay guy too. The world is full of so much, so let's mix it up.

In less that 2 hours I will visit a historic sight that millions have fought over for centuries. All 3 large faiths believe bit is theirs. - the answer is, everything.... is everyone's.

Peace out
L xx

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