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Monday, 6 March 2017

Vegan? Seriously? YES!!!!!

Hi all, where to begin.

Let's start with the whole Vegan thing. It seems to be causing a whole lot of shit amongst people and I just don't get it?

What ever I may be doing, I'm doing it to myself. I'm not hurting anyone or anything. I may be posting lots of things on Instagram but that's social media. I'm not walking up to you or anyone telling you what to do. You have your own lives and I have mine. There is plenty of literature out there to help you form your own decisions.

This now brings me to stupid things people say.

This morning at the hotel restaurant, I did my standard thing and go to the chef to let he or she know that I've arrived. Another lady severed me and was going to the kitchen to pass on the message. I explained that I'm a  Teev-oh-NEET which is vegan in Hebrew, (boys are Teev-oh-NEE).

Even though restaurant/ kitchen staff should have a basic understanding of what that is, I quickly run through it with them. No meat, dairy, eggs, seafood etc. She then looks at me and says in English 'So you don't eat anything?'
She kind of threw me off so my reply was, 'I eat vegetables'. Even as the words were coming out of my mouth I was thinking, 'whoa, you eat way more than just veggies'. I then immediately came back and said, I eat lentils and was about to carry on but she got it. She cut the conversation and went to order my food.

Now lets progress to the insensitivity of some shit-heads that exist out there. I posted a picture of what I think to be a very cute piglet wearing 4 red wellie boots. I wrote, 'What a cutie, how could anyone want to eat him?'

Some 'not so bright spark' replied with, 'Very easily and with ketchup!'

How can people be so rude and confrontational. Why? Haven't people learned to keep thier offensive options to themselves.

Next on my rant. My family are coming to London in the next few months. I have told them that my home is vegan and only vegan food is allowed. This simple request has turned their world upside down. My sister is now complaining that she can't afford a hotel. - what the hell? All I'm saying is eat vegan when you're in the house. If you fancy eating dead animals. Do it elsewhere. My dad has now asked if he can eat takeaway in the shed? Seriously? These people sound like they have never gone a day or meal in their life that didn't contain meat, dairy, eggs etc. Have they forgotten that my mom has been a veggie for over 30 years? This is just exhausting.

For my closing note, I found this on the internet. Shame that I've struggled a lot at times.

The modern Hebrew word for veganism is tiv-o-NOOT, which predates the word "vegan" by almost a decade, making Hebrew possibly the first language to have a word for the vegan diet.

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