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Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Hello kids,

It’s been a while! Sorry for the radio silence.

As usual its unfashionably late and this is not the time to be blogging but I’m in the sharing mood so here I am!

Adam at work has also been emailing me telling me that he’s giving up on randomly checking the blog for the latest entry so here it is.

I still find boys and girls sooo interesting so let’s talk about boys. No boy has landed on my lap yet (did I ever tell you about my fantasy of sitting on the tube when the driver suddenly stops and this amazing man stumbles and ends up on my lap)… that’s what I’m waiting for.

I can tell you about lots of other boys that all make me smile.

A few hours before I was departing for Glastonbury in June I was talking to neighbor Michael who is in his 60’s. I‘ve mentioned him before, his beloved partner of 30 years died in October and he is having to move. They never married and her kids and the bank want the money. Its beyond awful and a note for all of us to sort out our fianances. Anyhow.. we are chatting away and I tell him that I need to dash, pack and get on the road. He last words to me were to have fun… and come back older. How sweet is that, I suppose that’s flirting without being gross and seedy.  I just smiled and gave him a hug.

Quick diversion as we’re on the topic of Michael and hugs, my mother was in town in June. It was a difficult strained visit. When she left she didn’t hug me or tell me that she loves me. Her last words were to take care. We have not spoken since. These things happen, it is what it is. Michael who also has prostate cancer and broken heart was able to show me more love and kindness than the person who gave birth to me. As I said, it is, what it is.

Next boy, In June I also went to Edinburgh for a few days to listen to my favorite speaker talk about inner peace, Prem Rawat. Whilst there I met up with a work colleague / friend who I got to know in 2014, when we were on a 1 week residential course. He drove me around and showed me the sites. It was so nice. There is something so great when girls and boys can be friends and fully confide in each other without judgment. Like almost every person I know, we are so different. He is married with 2 sons, at times he jokes about me ending up with his sons and then he says that I’m too good for them. This makes me laugh.

Tonight I had drinks with another colleague who is retiring at the end of the month. He is 66, he too is a sweet guy who says if he was only 30 years younger… Boys are such funny things. At one point in the evening we were reciting famous quotes about love and sex. One that he told me that I really like comes from Oscar Wilde. ‘For men the price of sex is intimacy, for woman the price of intimacy is sex’. This quote gives a lot to chew on. What do you kids think? Please post opinions in the comment section. Oh and the reason we were talking about love is that he cant figure out why I haven’t been snapped up yet. ( sooo good for a gilrs ego!)

Oh I was crying this morning, it was short and brief but let me share. I have a colleague that has no tact or sensitivity. He was making jokes about the fact that train drivers get full retirement as soon as 3rd person jumps in front of his/her train. This is not something to be happy about or to wish upon anyone. Not even 5 minutes later he then started talking about kids/young adults that might take their own life if they get poor A-level results tomorrow. To be clear, I did not start crying when he said all this shit, it was only later when I was talking to another colleague about the other persons lack of sensitivity that I got frustrated / upset.

That’s it for now,

I’ve met some pretty fantastic people this year, and veganism is changing my life daily for the better. Will tell ya more soon

Peace out and love one another… if you can't, the be kind to one another
L xx

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