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Friday, 12 December 2014

TO.... No thank you

My heart lives in Montreal and in London. Of course if the right opportunity or person arises I would move but until then, I'll only live in London or Montreal. 

I've been in Toronto (TO) for a few days now, visiting the sis and bro. It's really not my cuppa. It just feels so false with no real character. Montreal is colder, darker, dirty, gritty, cool, and full of so much character!

Toronto is shinny and full of tall sky scraper apartments. It's interesting that people live in downtown TO. In MTL most downtown buildings are office buildings.

One thing that I am really enjoying is that I can look right into these peoples homes. To be honest I haven't seen anything other than they both have decorated Christmas trees and one of them really likes his sports. Last night at 1:30am they were both up watching TV. I can't see the sofas, so who knows if they are alone or even sleeping. If there are both alone I almost wish they knew about each other. They are only 2 doors apart. 

I took an early walk this morning, I really haven't been able to sleep in TO so far. Not sure why? Anyhow, I liked the look of this scary ally way. I'm way too much of a scaredy cat to walk down it. It could be dangerous! I don't know who or what could be there. None the less I took a picture of it. It was intriguing.

Before I head back to MTL I'll try and have another early morning walk. I enjoy watching cities as they wake

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