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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sunday August 24th 2014

I woke up at 6:45am on Sunday. Slapped on some clothing and headed out. I was meeting Alison for breakfast and I wanted and needed a walk. I have mentioned this many times before but walking is my drug. Some people, smoke, drink, take drugs. I walk. 

I also find nature really healing and soothing. Being outside just does it for me. Not sure of its a Canadian thing or not, but I couldn't live without it. 

I walked through the beautiful woods and then my favourite park all the way to hospital where she had finished a night shift.

Some pic's of my journey: 

The woods

The park 

Check out the view... London in the background :-) perfection

We then made our way to Cafe Rouge for breakfast. We were there for about 2 hours and I'm surprised how I now have the ability to cry. I could never cry. It was strange, for years the tears were stuck somewhere.

Well folks, they aren't stuck anymore. I spoke, cried and ate. She was very good. It's wasn't messy, I'm not a messy crier. I was just sad, very very sad. I don't like being sad, I find it scary. But I remind myself that it's ok be sad. I have a good reason. 

After breakky I walked all the way home and stopped off to get 2 things that I've been looking for ages. It's it funny how sometimes when you least expect it you find what you need. The first thing was a over the door organiser for my shoes. I have a lot of shoes and they need a better home. Actually they need a walk in closest but until that day comes, over the door will be A ok. 

The next purchase is more of a summer purchase. I've been looking for simple, elegant white cotton dress. Not sure of I'll get an opportunity to wear it this year, but there is always next year or a sunny destination. 

That afternoon I spoke to Eli in Montreal. He's been trying to reach me for a while. It was good to talk to him. I'm grateful for him.

Tim from Glastonbury has also been texting real kindness. I'm so lucky sometimes how people come into my life. 2 years ago we (Emma & I) pitched our tent and Tim and Phil pitched theres near ours. I started taking to them and now we're friends. 

I'll share his text with you all. It's cheesy sharing these things on the blog but it's just nice and so I will. 

Sounds to me like you're coping really well. I'm really impressed/proud of the way you seem to be dealing with everything - that's not too patronising I hope! As some who scores highly as an introvert I get the bit about lacking energy to engage but that's not your natural character and the next few days you will regress back to your mean ie outgoing and excitable. Give it time. Love you!

The rest of my Sunday I focused on getting rid of stuff. I have too much stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff. All I need in life is good people and love. The stuff is not the way. 

On Sunday night I decided that I wanted another day at home. The plan was to contact management on bank holiday Monday to get Tuesday off. 

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